Real Estate Pride of Ownership – Ask Your REALTOR Owning a home brings joy, belonging, and countless benefits to your life. From stability and personalization to building equity and creating a lasting legacy, homeownership is a game-changer. Join the celebration and discover why having a place to call your own is a dream worth achieving! Here are three ways owning your home can give you […]
Real Estate 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Real Estate Agent Let’s be clear on one thing: by nature, real estate agents are not fragile beings. We’ve heard it all. And for the most part, we have a great sense of humor about things. In other words, you can tell us virtually anything — in fact, you should if it’s pertinent to buying or selling your home. It’s […]
Real Estate Don’t Worry About Home Prices Dipping This Year (Unless You’re Among This 3% Of Homeowners) It’s natural for people to be concerned that they’re buying a house when prices are at their peak, and people worry about that in almost any market. So when you start hearing news about the market shifting, and home prices coming down, you might wonder if your house is worth less than you paid for […]
Real Estate Buying a Home? Make Sure to Look for These Energy-Efficient Features The cost of owning a home is rising, in large part due to rising energy costs. For example, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the cost of heating oil could increase up to 45 percent year-over-year, alongside projected 25 percent rises in the price of natural gas, and an 11 percent increase for electricity. With […]
Real Estate Signs That It’s Time to Downsize Your Kitchen Gadget Collection The right kitchen gadgets can make cooking significantly easier and less stressful. And there are some kitchen gadgets that are, for many, non-negotiables—like a microwave or coffee machine. But too many kitchen gadgets can be a problem; not only do they take up precious storage space, but they can make your kitchen appear cluttered—which can […]
Real Estate These Home Selling Rules Are No Longer Relevant The market is changing. While bidding wars, sky-high prices, and homes flying off the market were a reality just a few months ago, rising mortgage rates, changing economic conditions, and increasing inventory have caused a serious shift in some areas. And if you’re selling your home, it’s important to operate under the conditions of the […]
Real Estate Survey Reveals the Importance of Hiring an Empathetic Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home Looking for a home in the past few years has been difficult for almost all buyers. Even those who have all-cash offers, waive every contingency, and offer well over asking price have been losing out on their dream homes. It’s been so frustrating that it can bring you to tears at times…literally! According to this Yahoo […]
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